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Black Bear Burgers

In the heart of the great outdoors, where the wilderness embraces the horizon, and nature’s bounty thrives, there exists a unique culinary experience waiting to be savored. For the intrepid hunter, the outdoorsman, and the aficionado of all things wild, black bear meat stands as a testament to the rich rewards of embracing the age-old […]

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Venison Stroganoff

There’s a unique bond that forms among hunters, forged in the crucible of shared experiences in the wild. Few moments capture the essence of this camaraderie better than cooking for your fellow hunters after a successful deer hunt at hunt camp. It’s a time-honored tradition that goes beyond food; it’s about celebrating the triumphs of […]

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Rustic Pheasant Pot Pie

Pheasant hunting is an adventure like no other. From the crisp morning air to the sound of your faithful hunting dog in pursuit, it’s an experience that connects you to the wild and to the time-honored traditions of the outdoors. But the real magic happens when you bring your pheasant harvest to the kitchen and […]

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Roast Wild Duck with Orange Glaze

As a passionate hunter, there’s something undeniably exhilarating about the changing seasons. It’s a reminder that nature’s cycles continue, and with each new season comes the promise of unique hunting adventures. Late spring and early fall in Southern Ontario are no exception. One such adventure that will forever be etched in my memory is a […]

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We recognize the importance of educating both cooking enthusiasts and outdoors enthusiasts about the role that wild game plays in our ecosystem, and the vital role that responsible hunting practices play in maintaining a balanced environment. We are committed to promoting the responsible and ethical use of wildlife resources while still having fun and enjoying the unique experiences that hunting and cooking wild game can offer.