Turkey Hunting Videos

turkey hunting

Spring is upon us, and for many hunters, that means it’s time to dust off the camo gear and grab the turkey calls. Wild turkey hunting season is one of the most anticipated times of the year for many outdoor enthusiasts, and it’s easy to see why. From the thrill of the chase to the satisfaction of a successful hunt, turkey hunting is a sport like no other. If you’re looking to get in the spirit of the season and learn a thing or two before you hit the woods, here are some wild turkey hunting videos to watch.

  1. “The Turkey Hunter’s Bible” by Ray Eye Ray Eye is one of the most respected turkey hunters in the world, and “The Turkey Hunter’s Bible” is an excellent resource for hunters of all levels. In this video, Eye covers everything from turkey behavior to scouting techniques, calling strategies, and more. You’ll also get to see some thrilling hunts in action.
  2. “Avian-X TV” by Avian-X Avian-X is a leading manufacturer of turkey hunting decoys, and their “Avian-X TV” series is a must-watch for any serious turkey hunter. In this video, you’ll see some expert hunters using Avian-X decoys to lure in wary birds, as well as some helpful tips and tricks for setting up the perfect decoy spread.
  3. “Strut Commander” by Strut Commander The Strut Commander team is all about having fun in the woods while pursuing those elusive birds. In this video, you’ll see some hilarious antics and expert hunting skills as the team takes on some challenging birds. You’ll also learn some helpful tips for scouting and calling, and see some impressive shots in action.
  4. “The Turkey Chronicles” by Mossy Oak Mossy Oak is one of the biggest names in hunting, and “The Turkey Chronicles” is a great example of their commitment to quality content. In this video, you’ll see some expert hunters pursuing big toms across the country, as well as some helpful tips for scouting, calling, and setting up your blind.
  5. “Turkey Hunting Tips and Techniques” by Realtree Realtree is another well-known hunting brand, and their “Turkey Hunting Tips and Techniques” video is a great resource for anyone looking to up their turkey hunting game. In this video, you’ll learn some expert calling techniques, as well as some tips for scouting and setting up your hunting location.

Watching these wild turkey hunting videos will not only get you excited for the upcoming season, but they will also provide you with some valuable insights and techniques to help you become a better hunter. Remember to always prioritize safety while in the woods, and have fun out there!